Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Day Two: Happy Birthday, Gamma!

Today we visited my Mom for her birthday, and helped decorate for Christmas. Willow was pleased with this activity!

Does this mean I get to play with shiny ornaments?

Willow was a big helper. She carefully hung some stockings, found the perfect place for our Elf, and gave kisses to Rudolph.

Making amends after yesterday's shunning of Rudolph.

We had pizza and birthday cake, and then began to decorate the tree. This was Willow's favorite part of the day.

The most adorable thing was Willow's "hanging" of the ornaments. She had her own special way of doing it.

She basically made a pile of about twenty ornaments on a branch. The cuteness level was through the roof.

Overall, Day Two was a success! Happy Birthday, Gamma!

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