Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Day Five: Visit Santa at the Mall!

Today, Willow met Santa! I was preparing for a meltdown due to her bizarre and unpleasant behavior during Gymboree class today (whining, writhing on the floor, not wanting to participate in any activities, etc.) I thought for sure sitting on a strange, old man's lap was going to put her over the edge. We've been prepping her for Santa since Halloween ended, so luckily, meeting the man in red wasn't as traumatic as it could have been. (I think the fact that the photographer used Elmo as a distraction prop helped IMMENSELY. Nice one, mall photographer.)

We're proud to share Willow's picture with Santa. It could not have turned out sweeter!

Click to enlarge

Once we got the picture, Willow just sat there, stone-faced, staring blankly ahead of her. We even did the hand-wave-in-front-of-the-face tactic and she didn't even blink. She was concentrating on something...

Finally, I told Santa that Willow would like a dolly for Christmas and we scooped her up and carried her away. As we were paying for our pictures, we noticed Santa stand up and spray himself with Lysol. Odd. Maybe he's just just really OCD about cleanliness?

But wait... what was that smell? Oh no, oh no...

Oh yes! My child pooped on Santa's lap.

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