Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Day Nine: Gymboree 'Toys for Tots' Event!

Sorry for skipping out on yesterday's event. The activity was to "Make a Christmas Craft" and I forgot to buy the materials. Plus it was a work day so there was just no time. We will have to double up a day later this month!

This evening, Willow attended a Toys for Tots event at Gymboree. She had such a blast! She paid no attention to the movie (Polar Express), but then again, I think the parents were more interested in it than the children. Willow played her little heart out. Then there was a quick visit from SANTA! Willow pushed herself through the crowd in order to get a good glimpse. He shook her hand, and then she offered Santa a ball (as if to say, "Hey, here's a ball. Now get me some good presents this year.")

It's so fun to watch Willow play and learn. She's socializing better with other children, though she prefers to play on her own. She's much more reserved than the other kids her age. It's interesting to see.

Enjoy some pics!

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