Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Day Three: Light Show & Ice Cream!

Today was our first time going to the Winter Wonderland Light Show in Vernon Hills. Willow woke up from her nap the moment we got in line and proceeded to have a meltdown. Why were we not moving?! Why were there a bazillion cars in front of us?! Actually, those were my questions. Willow just wanted some goldfish crackers.

Eventually, I had to get in the backseat and sing The Duck Song to her on loop (THE THINGS YOU DO AS A PARENT). We were in line for about an hour before we started to see some fun lights and characters.

We saw ERNIE, you guys! This was VERY. EXCITING.

I think Willow was still a bit too young for the light show. It was a long wait sitting strapped in her car seat, and she could barely see out the window. Maybe we'll go again next year.

We finished the evening off with some Superman ice cream.

Now we're talking!

Willow devoured it. She especially enjoyed the fact that it turned her face and hands blue.

Such simple childhood joys.

And she's out...

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