Saturday, July 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we had the pre-drywall consultation at our house! Exciting!

Well, it doesn't look as exciting as it sounds.

But it was still pretty awesome. It's OUR HOUSE. I arrived at the build site fifteen minutes early just to stare at it, knowing there will be years of memories to be had there.

Also, I stopped at IKEA for the first time yesterday. And all of my dreams came true. Seriously, I probably shouldn't ever go there again or we will have no money left for the down payment. I actually stopped in just to browse because I had never been there before, but then I spotted something I had to have. I've had my eye on this rug for the children's playroom ( It's so cuuuute! ) but couldn't really rationalize the $700 price tag. It's exactly what I want though -- something colorful and playful but not too busy. I'm painting the walls a fun tangerine hue, so I wanted something that had a little orange in the color scheme to accent it. I hadn't found anything as perfect as the balloon rug.

Then I found this:

And it's PERFECT! Do you see the price tag? $39.99. That's a $660 difference and it's just as wonderful (no pesky shipping charges either). I'm so glad I made that stop. It's just one more piece that will make this house a home.