Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Day In The Life

So, apparently, I've had this blog since May of 2007. Wha? When did that happen? It even had a whopping SEVEN views. That is slightly disconcerting, considering the only thing viewable on the blog was a gigantic, overblown image of my face.
Luckily, I've removed the picture and reconstructed this sucker (except for the pink, naturally). I aim to keep a collection of my daily/weekly/monthly life developments, whether they be amusing, frustrating, sad, or wonderful. I had a Diary way back when (one with a Super Sekrit key and everything... remember those?! I HAD ONE), but it seems to have taken a backseat to technology. That's okay. I love typing.

What you'll probably learn about me is that I love and adore animals, and I work with them for a living. I'm an assistant manager at a Pet Resort & Spa. I have a deep compassion and sensitivity for animals... which prompts people to ask me why I don't become a Vet. Well, people, the answer is simple: it's my deep compassion and sensitivity for animals. I burst into tears if a dog SNEEZES funny. Don't expect me to perform emergency surgeries or tell owners their beloved pet has died and still manage to maintain my sanity. I'm quite happy with what I do.

You'll also learn that I like television. I was a little sad to find that there wasn't a "Favorite TV Shows" category in the profile section. I don't watch many sitcoms - I prefer one hour dramas with smart writing and interesting plots/characters. Shows like this include LOST, Supernatural, Dexter, Rescue Me, and oldies but goodies, such as Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Veronica Mars, and Tru Calling. I will most likely gab about said shows on numerous occassions, so if you enjoy them as well, feel free to gab back.

I suppose you'll just have to learn more about me as the blogs roll in. However, I have a feeling my posts will be a lot more interesting this coming year when we start trying for a BABY.

Dum, dum, dum.